As our academic project in level 3, this humanoid hand was designed and built to imitate some movements of human fingers.We used 5 flex sensors on our fingers(using gloves) to sense the individual finger movement. When we move our finger, the flex sensor distorts and this distortion changes the resistance. This change in resistance is used to change voltage using voltage divider rule and the voltage signal is sent to the microcontroller. Then the microcontroller converts analog voltage signal to digital signal using ADC.

The microcontroller compares the digital values with the reference values and sends signal to five servo motors respectively to work accordingly. As the servo motor rotates, respective finger bends.

MCU works on the following algorithm:


**Video here**

Styrofoam, spring, acrylic glass, nylon ropes were used to build the body of the hand.

Our project was featured in an online technology based site that promotes innovation.


Project completion date: August, 2014
Project partners: Manoj Ghosh, Raisul Islam Zaeem, Kamruzzaman